Best Diet Plan 2017 to Lose Weight

With the advanced technology and availability of internet, there is a lot of information about diet plan, how to lose weight or eat healthy. Unfortunately, the available information contradicts each other and leaves you confused even more. For that reason, we thought it wise to contact our experts to shade more light on healthy diet plan and tips.

Best Diet Plan 2017 to Lose Weight


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Below are the top most tips that our experts and other satisfied scientists say will work wonders.

  • Structure meal and snack times

If you plan your meals and snacks in advance, you’re body will be able to settle into a predictable routine, which will help you a great deal in avoiding desperate energy crashes.  To be specific, you should not take more than three hours before having a small meal. Again, it will control your hunger and satiety cues, which will in turn help you shape your intake to the actual needs of your body.

If you fail to structure your meal and snacks, you might end up taking long hours without any small meal or snacks, which will make you crave energy-dense carbs. In that way, you might not be able to make healthy choices or you might end up eating more than you should.

  • Alter the food environment

Researchers have shown that changing your environment is one secret of achieving a successful diet. For instance, you can start using smaller plates if you’re finding it hard to take the right portions. Keep chocolate and other unhealthy foods out of reach. Instead of trying to change your eating habits, simply change your food environment.

In fact, these changes are easier to follow as compared to saying that you’ll start eating smaller portions or you’ll eat fruits instead of sweets.

  • Satisfy your body at breakfast

Another important diet plan tip is to eat right breakfast. Well, it’s not just about eating anything but the right type of food. Make sure you eat protein-rich breakfast such as scrambled eggs and toast. In that way, you’ll feel less hungry at lunchtime and you’ll be able to eat much fewer calories in the next 24 hours. If you choose to take the carb-rich breakfast, chances are high that you’ll feel hungrier at lunchtime and in the next 24 hours, you’ll eat about 400 more calories as compared to the person who had taken a protein-rich breakfast.

According to nutritionists, protein is the most satiating food source and if you add eggs during breakfast, its fat will contribute largely to the long-lasting satiety. Other types of protein that can also contribute to the long-lasting satiety include chicken, meat, tuna, and steak.

So, if you’re trying to lose weight, you must eat this way. Eating a high-protein meal during breakfast will help decrease your appetite for the rest part of the day, which means you’ll not overeat.

  • Savor your food

When you’re eating, make sure you enjoy your food by concentrating on it. In short, avoid conversation with loved ones, watching television or using your smartphone when you’re taking your meal.  When you eat food mindlessly, then that is a neglected food and nutritionists say that neglected food will always imparts the emptiest of calories.

When you pay attention to what you eat, you’ll be satisfied in a deeper way and you’ll feel fuller faster. Make sure you pay attention to the texture, color, taste and freshness of what you’re eating. In that way, you’ll maximize the pleasure of your meal and you’ll eat just the right portion that is best for your body. In fact, if you can take your time and savor each luscious bite, you’ll not believe it how much less it will satiate you. In short, satisfy both your brain and stomach when you eat.


  • Favor whole fresh foods

Another diet trick is favoring whole fresh foods over the processed ones. Whole foods will automatically lower the glycemic index of the diet and in that way, it will optimize the healthiness of the foods you choose. For instance, whole foods such as fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, and meat and so on are what you should eat instead of fruit juices, processed meat or vegetable fats.  Actually, it’s easier to have the right portions of whole fresh foods as compared to processed ones. Furthermore, whole fresh fruits keep you fuller faster and for a longer time, which means that they’ll help you reduce the number of times you’ll want to snack.

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