How to Lose Weight Fast – Easy tips to Follow

We come across many advertisements in our daily life which promises to bring us back in a smart shape by losing our weight fast and safely. People do trust them and agrees to walk on weight loss journey. Having patience is the key task as no miracle is going to happen in a week. Only valid recommendation is going to help you to build a long term healthy and balanced life. Here are few steps which will help you to lose weight as much as you desired.


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a) Drink green tea: If you can switch from your regular tea to refreshing green tea, it would be a great start for your weight loss mission. Recent studies have shown that people who consume green tea burns about 70 calories a day. Green tea has metabolism enhancing antioxidant properties known has catechins which helps to burn those calories. Isn’t it a simple way to lose weight?

b) Stay away from a glass of calories: Recent studies have shown that liquid intakes such as fruit juice, soda and sugary drink are going to make u fat faster than solid intakes. A bowl of pasta will give you less calories than a glass of coffee mocha. It would be wise to avoid such beverages.

c) Bring your home a set of 5 pound weights: Lose weight without workouts do not make any sense. Don’t think too much and buy a set of five-pound weights.

It is believed that muscle exercise helps to lean muscle tissues, which, in turn, burns more calories. Try some push-ups or a few crouches. Keep doing these exercises twice or thrice a week and see the difference in you.

d) Limit the salt: Keep an eye on your sodium intake as studies have shown that even a teaspoon of salt contains more than 2,300 milligrams of sodium. Reliable sources reported that 700-800 milligrams of sodium are present in salty snacks such as chips and biscuits, canned foods and drinks, soups and many other packaged foods.

e) Get some sound sleep: Nothing can refresh you more than a sound sleep. It is proven that a woman who gets poor sleep have a slower metabolism as compared to women who sleeps for 6-8 hours. A proper sleep can help you in shedding weight.

f) Enjoy an evening walk: Studies have shown that an evening walk can be helpful as people are prone to decelerate their metabolism towards the end of the day. Try an aerobic activity for twenty minutes before dinner and see how it boosts up your metabolism.

g) Add protein, fat and vegetables: Make each meal out of a fat source, a protein source and low carbohydrate vegetables. If this can be followed, it will bring down your carbohydrate intake into the range of 20-50 grams per day and at the same time lower your insulin levels.

h) Drink up! : Drink at least 63 or 64 ounces of water regularly and see how it works fast to reduce weight. Our body needs a sufficient amount of water to metabolize stored fat.

Losing weight and getting fit is not as difficult as you think. Believe in yourself; go for exercises to keep up a proper diet.

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