Wrong Food Choices for Weight Loss

Modern Times have changed the way people eat and follow healthy diets and it is becoming more and more of a challenge. With fast foods and various restaurants all around us, food preparation at home or sticking to healthy and nutritious foods have become less of a priority for most people.

Sadly, the types of foods that are packed with the most calories are the ones which can readily be purchased outside the house. These foods are hiding behind enticing names that easily catches consumer attention. People forget to check if they have any nutritional value at all.

The daily norm is a 2,000 calorie diet, but many people eat 1,520 calories in a single meal within 10 minutes. It is the main reason why people gain weight. They consume calories in excess of the recommended daily norm. With this kind of dietary practice, maintaining existing weight levels or achieving weight loss is simply not possible.

Examples of Wrong Food Choices in Weight Loss:

In general, foods that are HIGH IN oils, saturated fats, calories, gram count or sodium (salt) are BAD choices for a healthy diet and weight loss.

Oil and Saturated Fats – Increase bad cholesterol, build up plaque in the coronary arteries and lead to heart disease.

Calories – Increases weight if consumed in excess of the recommended and can result in diabetes.

Sodium (Salt) – Causes hardening of the arteries and deters the weight loss process.

1. Hamburgers (Meals)

Burgers meals are not completely harmless since they load you up with not only excess calories but, oils, fats and sodium.

Nowadays, the purchase of a burger is no longer a simple choice between no pickles or with extra pickles. Instead the choices are many, how many stacks of cheese, meat, bacons, bread; fries and drinks regular or sized up you want with your burger?

Habitual eating of this type of food is like committing suicide when considering the impact of consuming up to 1,520 calories, 47 grams saturated fat, 111 grams of fat and 2,760 mg sodium, weight gain, not weight loss is the likely outcome.

2. Everything that is fried

Nowadays, all or most of the foods sold in restaurants are fried or deep fat fried, you just have to look at any restaurant menu.

Many of the appetizers are fried or deep fat fried. Appetizers’ alone can contain as much as 800 calories plus 22 grams saturated fat, 58 grams fat and 1,520 mg sodium, when considering the sauce or dip. Restaurant menus, as a rule provide what the consumer usually ask for, regardless of the health consequences.

3. Simple Carbohydrates Products (bread, pastries, fruits, sweets,wines etc.)

Hunger increases when simple carbohydrates are consumed as part of any diet or weight loss plan and usually cause people to break their diets. When you go to a fast food outlet or restaurant make good and healthy choices like lean meats, grilled chicken, and steamed or grilled fish and vegetables. Take the time to do your calorie count and plan your meals in advance.

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